Ill State

Ill State is a collaboration of three men with talent, common musical ideals, and a dream to be heard.


Tommy, Oliver and Haze found each other at various points in their lives but were destined to make music as a collective all along. From Mexico to Chicago, to Kankakee and back Ill State is the product of hard work and determination overcoming obstacles and odds. Haze and Oliver grew up together in Chicago on the southside with hip-hop and violence surrounding them. Choosing hip-hop wasn't hard. Haze moved to Kankakee, IL where he met Tommy at Bradley Bourbonnais High School in 2006. He persuaded Tommy to put on an offhand rap performance in the cafeteria one day and was impressed with what he heard. They've been friends ever since. Haze is to thank for bringing Oliver and Tommy together.


Oliver received his first set of turn tables from his brother when he was in the 6th grade and taught himself how to spin. Tommy and Haze started writing when they were about thirteen. They all knew early on that music was something they had a passion for; luckily, that passion is paired with a natural ability to perform and create. All of them are constantly looking for new ways to progress individually and as a group. Haze and Oliver started making music together in Chicago and Haze and Tommy started making music together in Kankakee. One day the trio started making music together and Ill State, the three man hit squad, was born.


Tommy and Haze are tattoo artists by day, rappers by night (and any other free second they can grab hold of). Oliver works for an entertainment lawyer named Jay B. Ross and devotes time and endless energy to promoting and perfecting Ill State. Tommy and Haze would one day like to have Ill State and their tattooing professions coincide; Oliver would like to continue to work as a Producer/DJ while managing and developing a royalty retrieval company for artists. Immediate plans for Ill State? Travel, put on some shows and have their music be heard. Making some money wouldn't hurt either.


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